Letter: Don’t mess with Boucherie Road

Boucherie Road is a beautiful, flowing scenic route that West Kelowna residents can be proud of…

To the editor:

There has been some chatter regarding the misuse of Boucherie Road in West Kelowna.

The chatter suggests that Boucherie Road is being used as an alternate highway, and that most, if not all, vehicles that travel along this road are driven by people who speed or drive over-size trucks that tear up the road. The chatter mentions that in order to deter rule-breakers there should be frequent police check-stops along the road, speed bumps  and circular models at intersections, and residents should, basically, use Hwy. 97 to lessen the road-load and stop ‘wear and tear.’

When making an informed decision as to how to best manage Boucherie Road consider the following five points:

1. Boucherie Road is a BC Transit bus route and bus routes do not allow for speed bumps

2. Boucherie Road is a narrow two lane, mostly soft-shoulder, winding road with sharp corners and obstruction of view, which makes it unsafe for police pull-overs (there are frequent police check-stops at Ridge Estates Drive and just north of Hudson Road where the road is safe for pull-over.)

3. Boucherie Road is a BC Tourism route for some of the best wineries and B&Bs in B.C. and that is a factor for heavy traffic, especially in the summer and fall months. (These folks tend to drive slowly, not speed, to enjoy the view.)

4. People that live around Mt. Boucherie on the east side use Boucherie Road for convenience. (If a resident were to travel north to get to the highway to go south to Westbank, then that resident would have to get to Hudson Road and then pass through six sets of lights to get to Westbank, rather than use the quick route to Gellatly Road.

5. Boucherie Road is a beautiful, flowing scenic route that West Kelowna residents can be proud of and proud to show off. If given the choice of a beautiful drive versus a congested frequent-stop highway, I am going for the beauty every time.

Terrie Anderson,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News