According to this letter-writer, distracted driving causes a greater risk to others than speeding. ADOBE STOCK IMAGE

LETTER – Distracted driving an even greater risk to roadside pedestrians than speeding vehicles

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

As I am training for marathon running, I spend around six hours per week running around Comox. Running against the flow of traffic on sidewalks and road shoulders offers a unique (and unsettling) perspective into drivers’ habits.

While I agree that speeding is an issue that needs to be addressed, an even greater concern is the abundance of distracted drivers on our roads. There are far too many eyes peering down to a cell phone or other devices when they should be observing the road for pedestrians, cyclists, wildlife, and other vehicles. The scenery around here is well worth a look, too.

Further, this unfortunate, dangerous habit doesn’t appear to be limited to a particular age group. Young and old, in vehicles large and small, the allure of screens appears to be too tempting to resist.

I’m tired of being ready to make an evasive manoeuvre into the ditch to avoid an oncoming vehicle. Text messages, directions, phone calls, take-out menus, playlists, pictures, and dating apps can wait until you pull over or finish your trip.

Slow down, stay focused, share the road, and don’t get behind the wheel under the influence of substances.

T.J. Dunn,


Comox Valley Record