LETTER: Councillor should resign for remarks

Over the last five weeks I have been falsely accused, victimized due to improper processes ...

Over the last five weeks I have been falsely accused, victimized due to improper processes, my character has been called into question and my good name besmirched; but the straw that broke this camel’s back came at Monday night’s council meeting.

Councillor Jewell turned to me in the midst of a verbal outburst to attack my work duties as a pastor by making demeaning comments.

When I tried to object he commanded me to shut up.

His detestable and mocking words clearly amount to religious bigotry and this level of intolerance and intimidation has no place in Canadian public life.

Debate my ideas and philosophy I welcome it. Attack peoples human rights and you disqualify yourself from office.

The Human Rights Code of British Columbia is a provincial law that gives all people equal rights and opportunities without discrimination. The code’s goal is to prevent discrimination and harassment because of religious creed, race, colour, disability, age and on a number of other grounds.

Councilor Jewell trampled the Human Rights Code of British Columbia when he publically harassed and demeaned me disparagingly mocking my religious work related duties.

It is completely shameful to say the least, and I hereby call for his immediate resignation from council.

In a day when thousands of people’s lives have been destroyed by cyber-bullying, when children are afraid to go onto the school playground because of schoolyard hounding and maltreatment and when elected officials can trample over the human rights of others with complete immunity these are alarming trends that needs to stop. People who shamelessly walk over the human rights and religious freedoms of others need to be held accountable.

Coun. D. Hensman, District of Mission

Mission City Record

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