LETTER: Closure of Video Express tragic

The closing of Video Express is tragic for our small community.


Recently, I did my usual thing and went to the Video Express store to get my two-for-one movie special.

I was met outside the store by one of the employees giving me the news of the store’s closure. I was quite surprised at my reaction to this news; I felt very sad indeed as this little store had become a big part of my life.

The staff had always been very friendly and I had been writing updates of new movies for The Gazette, so it had been a very interesting part of my life.  This is no doubt a sign of our advanced technical times, with many other avenues of acquiring movies, too many to mention here.

I think it is a shame to lose such an individual outlet with good staff, doing their very best to accommodate our movie wishes.  It seems that in modern life, we need talk to no one to get our wishes met.  I for one, much prefer the social interaction at places of business.

It makes my day a lot brighter chatting with employees, however I guess I must move with the times and get on with it.

I wish the staff all the very best for their futures and a great big thank you to all of them for their years of devoted service to our community. You will be missed!

Liz Martin, Grand Forks

Grand Forks Gazette