Letter: Climate change most important

The most important problem facing every human on the planet is climate change.


The most important problem facing every human on the planet is climate change.

The cause of climate change is global warming.

The root cause of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels.

Any time a pollutant is removed from the environment nature naturally restores balance to it.

Accepting a two per cent increase in the global temperature, may be an acceptable way to deal with the problem of global warming but when you factor in the affect of climate change it isn’t.

It’s easy to see what affect letting the whole mass of air surrounding the planet, increase by two per cent will have on climate change.

The problems each contribute in turn to one another.

Every day, the majority of people on the planet go to work and are adding to the problem.

A very small percentage of people do not burn any fossil fuels in a day.

For the problem of climate change to be slowed to a stop and given the ability to reverse the affects that are continuing to occur, this trend needs to be reversed.

If given the choice between contributing to global warming, and not doing so, the choice seems simple enough. However, there needs to be people who are leading with that vision.

The best tool to use for removing greenhouse gases and carbon emissions from the air, is the environment itself because the trees and other plants filter it from the constantly changing air currents.

The population and infrastructure of the country is not as much of a barrier to making the changes needed to solve this global problem as people think, since the problem affects everyone and all of the environment on the planet, equally. It is what it is.

The only barrier that does exist, is choosing to not work on the solution or to not lead people in a way that does.

And Anyone can do that.

Garth Verhaeghe

Williams Lake

Williams Lake Tribune

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