Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: City needs more activities

If a person is not a beach person, what is there to do here?

City needs more activities

I am no longer a citizen of Penticton, but I live in the surrounding area.

I have no problem with a small marina, let’s face it how many boats are on Skaha that need mooring. Most of the residences along the lake have their boats at there place, and most people will skip the mooring cause of the fee and pull the boat out.

However, I do not think the City of Penticton should be getting the permits for liquor or restaurant. With the free lease to have dangled at them. They should be a standalone business and not depend on citizens of Penticton to pay for permits. Are they going to give a discount to every taxpayer in Penticton for helping pay for this business start up? Why can they not get these permits themselves? I also was wondering if they are the Tero that collect the tolls for the bridges in Vancouver area? I know the name is spelled different.

A better investment would be to build a hotel similar to the Wolf Lodge in Idaho it is geared for families. Lots of stuff for kids to do. Families can go to Apex in the winter and back to the lodge for fun in water. That Wolf Lodge is a destination property, so it could be used all year long. But people here do not make the money for their children to enjoy it. I feel that is like dangling a carrot that the horse will never get.

If a person is not a beach person, what is there to do here? Even our mall is a joke. I have lived here over 40 years, it seems like there is less and less to do in Penticton. Saturdays are great, but need more to do.

Judy Johnson

Okanagan Falls

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