Letter: Capitalism is killing us

Kelowna letter writer says Canada can be self sufficient, we have all of the required resources

To the editor:

Capitalism is another name for greed and is spread worldwide. Communism is not the answer as it has the same problem.

The platform of capitalism is to gain control of commodity and then cut back on salaries and service, then they can charge whatever they want. This is called a monopoly.

Right now all of our necessities are monopolized. We need to get rid of these often foreign-owned monopolists and return to private enterprise and made in Canada produce.

Canada can be totally self sufficient, we have all of the required resources. Our politicians waste time and money traveling the world to gain trade deals that benefit only the large corporations so they can carry on exploiting us by underpaid workers and less service.

There is no need to pipe oil out of our country threatening our environment; pipe water and utilize our arid land.

Our present cost of living is constantly rising and will continue to rise until we destroy capitalism.

Art Ferguson, West Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News