LETTER: CAO not micromanaging staff

Letter-writer supports actions of current chief administrative officer

Re: Huge and growing problem, April 18 edition.

The taxpayers of Mission elected the current council in part because they were tired of a lack of accountability, unsustainable tax increases, Cadillac CUPE contracts and project cost overruns that cost millions of wasted dollars.

In my opinion, Mission’s current chief administrative officer (CAO), Ken Bjorgaard, is not “micromanaging” district staff, but is following the mandate set by council and is absolutely correct in doing so. The fact that there has been no increase in municipal taxes in two of the past three years is evidence that this management strategy is working.

An examination of Dennis Clark’s legacy to Mission shows a 21 per cent increase for a CUPE deal at a time when inflation was almost flat. CUPE got their big win and we, the taxpayers, are still paying the bill. The Leisure Centre cost us millions of dollars in overruns.

The one-and-a-half per cent tax increase last year was necessitated by the need to cover the CUPE contract.

A manager who does his job well is not always everyone’s friend. The current CAO has exposed past mismanagement and he is cleaning Mission’s house. Staff members who are doing their jobs well have high morale, and those who are not are being held accountable.

I do not consider this micromanaging, but if that is what you want to call it then I am proud to support it. I stand behind and applaud the work of Mr. Bjorgaard.

I believe that the citizens of Mission are able to see clearly through the Clark fog.

Bob Trustham


Mission City Record