Letter: Campbell Heights emissions request warrants expert environmental review

Editor: We want jobs, too. It's about the heath of our community's water.

Editor: We want jobs, too. It’s about the heath of our community’s water.

Thanks to Mr. Seguin for his letter ‘Emissions fears ‘overblown’ (the Times, May 24).

With respect, I do question many of Mr. Seguin’s assertions.

However, this is exactly the kind of conversation that Langley residents need, because most of us just don’t know enough about clean and dirty emissions.

Ebco and Weir Canada Inc are not asking to emit steam. They’re seeking permits to discharge air contaminants/pollutants from their facilities in Campbell Heights Business Park.

Combined, the two applications are requesting to emit into the air 13,360 pounds per year of assorted industrial pollutants. Is this light industry? Are we crying wolf?

Is concern for the Brookswood aquifer a red herring or a dead red herring?

Questions abound and Langley residents deserve clear, precise answers.

We’re not experts. We’re asking for a proper environmental review by experts to explain the real consequences and impact of these industrial emissions on our aquifers, above-ground water systems and on our air quality.

Marilyn Henderson,


Langley Times

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