(AP Photo/Jeff Baenen)

(AP Photo/Jeff Baenen)

Letter: Bringing common sense to abortion issue

Kelowna letter writer says it's time to teach young people to take responsibility for their actions

To the editor:

As a private citizen, I would like to attempt to bring some common sense balance back to the biased opinions expressed over the past two weeks, on the issue of abortion.

I am pro-life. I’m not against women. I love my wife, I love my daughter, my daughter-in-law and my granddaughters. But I am for life. I commend the students of our educational institutions for standing up for the rights of our most vulnerable. I also commend them for exercising their right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech, which certainly appears to be under attack here. Anyone who speaks out against abortion is shouted down, accused of being scary and promoting their extremist propaganda.

In the meantime I’m simply pro-life. An individual who believes in the sanctity of life. I don’t speak for nor represent any organization with an agenda. I’m not trying to attack anyone or make anyone feel bad, I’m stating my opinion. I know that there is a law protecting abortion, but I believe it is a bad law and that doctors should remember their oath to do no harm.

I believe there are six seasons to life from conception to senior adult and that no-one has the right to terminate these precious seasons for another human being. It is estimated that there is an average of three hundred abortions performed every day in Canada. The argument for an abortion originally was for the incidences of rape and incest. What percentage of these three hundred-would-be-Canadians are eliminated from Canadian society because of rape and incest, I wonder, how many are terminated in the name of convenience?

I’m sure this idea won’t go down well with progressives, but why can’t we get back to teaching our young people that taking responsibility for our actions regardless of the consequences is better than always trying to find an easy way out?

Alan Slater, Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News