LETTER: BC Liberals using Delta transition house to get votes

Reader R. Humphreys finds the timing of, and circumstances surrounding, the announcement of funding for the transition house suspect.

Re: “Transition house to open in Delta” – NDR, March 9

Your article reports that three months ago the province received a funding request for an annual grant of $500,000 for a transition house in North Delta. No other money was needed as the house was already donated, money for renovations was in place and an operator was ready to go. The request was denied by the Liberals even as they sat on a $2-billion surplus.

Fast forward and we find the Liberals preparing for an election and handing out the goodies schemed up by the back-room boys at Liberal HQ. Our Liberal MLA Scott Hamilton stands up big and proud to announce the pre-election goody hatched for Delta: the province will fund a transition house in Delta to the tune of $1.8 million PLUS an annual operating grant of $500,000 – the same $500,000 they denied short months ago.

Only the Liberals would stoop so low as to politicize the welfare of abused mothers and frightened children. And our cannon-fodder back-bencher MLA Scott Hamilton is proud to make this announcement.

R. Humphreys, North Delta

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