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LETTER: Backyard chickens will bring problems home to roost in Sidney

(Black Press Media file photo)

The horse is apparently out of the barn regarding Sidney’s waterfront washroom facility, however, one is left to wonder what is the rationale behind such a project, for example, is there ‘traffic’ data to support such a seemingly profligate use of (borrowed) public funds – $800,000 plus the land costs. That could certainly support the food bank for an extended period.

What appears to be still under review is the equally misguided concept of allowing poultry in neighbourhood yards. According to a recent article, less than three per cent of the citizens are in favour of such a concept.

Whilst the proponents of such a scheme project an idealized viewpoint (which is not totally without merit) the reality fails on multiple fronts: noise, odour, attracting vermin, security, insufficient space, and bylaw enforcement.

And seemingly paying no regard to the ever-evolving changes as a result of climate change and neighbourhood densification (eg. local species are changing their foraging boundaries) by introducing a known conduit for future as yet unknown zoonotic pathogens into the population (Avian flu is a mild example) amongst other viruses is of questionable wisdom.

There also arises the very real possibility of water and power shortages in the not-too-far-distant future

Let’s take this proposal for a rethink.

Vic Gillett