Letter: At least four years of embarrassment to be borne under Trudeau’s government

Editor: “We Stand on Guard for Thee” (except under Justin’s federal Liberals).

The advantage seniors have when choosing a government is that they have experienced living in Canada under most parties.

In my case, under  the Liberals when Justin’s father, Pierre, was the prime minister; the Progressive Conservatives — different from the Conservatives — under Brian Mulroney; the Liberals under Jean Chretien and then under Paul Martin (and two insignificant prime ministers).

So this particular senior held his nose in October and voted Conservative, in spite of the apparent shortcomings.

I was disappointed with the election results accordingly.

But then I thought, Justin’s Liberal party may well be different from those of the past,  so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

But a month in office has passed and Justin has shown Canadians that political correctness has returned to Ottawa with a vengeance and that Canada will now shirk its world obligations and abandon its allies by withdrawing the few CF-18 fighter jets it has committed to fight ISIS in the Middle East.

This in the wake of a Russian commercial airliner brought down, apparently by ISIS, in which several hundred civilians died, and the actions in Paris, in which 129 innocent people were slaughtered by ISIS terrorists.

And this when Canada’s allies are looking to increase their military input in this “War on Terror.”

Déjà vu, or what?

From my experience with the Federal Liberals of the past, I predict that Justin’s Liberals will furthermore do the following:

1. Mess with the Constitution;

2. Show favoritism to Quebec;

3. Gut the military;

4. Enhance the CBC;

5. Inhibit the RCMP and CSIS;

6. Reduce the transfer payments to the provinces for healthcare;

7. Ensure that federal prisoners have more rights than their victims, and

8. A (US) 64 cent Canadian dollar.,

In the meantime, I will have to grit my teeth and just bear the embarrassment for this country for at least the next four years.

Gord Weitzel,


Langley Times

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