Letter: Around every corner is more construction

A Langley woman is frustrated living in the middle of seemingly endless road construction.

Dear Editor,

Is there anyone else out there who is ripping their hair out because of all the construction we’ve had in our neighbourhood since the fall?

We live in the Simonds area and have suffered with the inconvenience of construction on 203rd since maybe last September.

We have had to re-route for months to get from our area to downtown Langley City. What was supposed to be finished months ago, has finally been completed now and it looks beautiful! Kudos for the great job!

Having said that, we now have construction on 48th Avenue between 200th and Grade. Our house is just off 48th and 202nd, and we have to constantly wait behind people directing traffic. We have to leave an extra five to 10 minutes early to get the kids to school on time or get ourselves to work on time because you just never know.

Two weeks ago, I was trying to turn onto 48th from 200th but the signage person wouldn’t let me through. From there, I turned onto Grade and tried to come up to 48th from 201 but that signage person wouldn’t let me through. I finally went to Grade and 48th and that person wouldn’t let me get through either.

Basically, I was blocked from going home. Frustrated, I had a chat with the lady with the sign and explained my situation and the fact that I needed to get home and no one would let me through. I guess they were not aware that the others had blocked traffic as well and she was kind enough to let me through.

Yesterday, I had my second flat tire, last week. I had a flat on my other vehicle and I’m sure it’s from all the potholes that we constantly have to drive over. On top of this, we also have the fact that no one obeys stop signs now. When the signage people aren’t there and the crew is not working, people just blow through the signs now.

I’m really looking forward to a nice, smooth road where people obey signs.

Julie Jarvis, Langley City

Langley Advance