Letter: A personal thanks to blood donors

Dear donors: The bottom line is this—I have me back because of you. Thank you. You are awesome.

To the editor:

This is a huge thank you to all blood donors.

I recently received some blood products. Although blood donors know they they are doing a good thing, I would like to say something personal as one who has received the Gift of Life.

Because of you :

• I can breathe more easily today, without effort, without gasping for air

• I can relax, my heart rate is now normal and not speeding like a freight train

• I can move around, no muscles twitching, all getting oxygen

• I have energy to do things and enjoy each and every moment

• I can think clearly, watch TV, read and do handwork which • I love

• I am peaceful, positive and planning ahead

• I can joke, laugh and participate in discussions

• I can enjoy

• I am back.

All of this is because of your donation, your Gift of Life. In fact, I had only used part of what you do generously gave. The other parts went to people who were also in need and you helped them too.

Can we ask any more of a person than giving living back to someone who is in need? I don’t think so.

For those who aren’t able to donate, for whatever reason, you can join me in being thankful to those who can and will.

Dear donors, the bottom line is this: I have me back because of you. Thank you. You are awesome.



Marilyn Wilson, Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News