Let’s give man’s best friends the respect they deserve

The dog’s are growling at each other, one of them has taken the other’s chewie. It's dog politics.

The dog’s are growling at each other, one of them has taken the other’s chewie.

Well I have enough to do without getting involved in doggie politics. Let them work it out.

Then it dawned on me, they were restless and just needed a walk. Now dogs understand some English words like “walk” so have  we to spell it out around here or they freak out and jump up an down and race to the door if you mention the word.

Mindful of a line from Bob Dylan, “If dogs run free, why can’t me?” I took them out.

The dogs love to explore and they cover the ground in leaps and bounds, forcing me to pick up my stride.

I lead them, they lead me and I feel connected to the brotherhood (and sisterhood), of dog walkers everywhere.

I have this system, that if they come when they are called I reward them with a tidbit.

Now they are on to it and have this little game with me. They run around and circle back and sit before me with happy, expectant looks on their faces.

Despite my admonishment that they can’t expect a treat every five minutes, it is of no use. They come running at me with tongues lolling out, a weird grin on their lips and a mischievous look in their eyes.

Dogs have been man’s pet for more than 14,000 years and descended from the wolf family that roamed Europe, Asia, and North America.

Now  according to ‘Google Dog Facts,’ there are approximately 77.5 million owned dogs in the U.S. alone, one in every three U.S families.

In Canada, $1.8 billion goes for pet care every year and $300 million is spent on ‘doggie dress up!’

There is for sale at the local pet shop, a Marino doggy coat and hat that has to be dry cleaned.

On top of this there are now dog masseurs, dog psychiatrists, pet cementaries and doggie match-up websites for mating purposes.

It has got to the point that dogs can now travel onboard planes with their owners. So what does all this  tell you?

We love our dogs. And we love to spoil and pamper them.

It is also told that dogs chew up your underwear because it smells like you.

So, here’s another tip. Pick up your underwear or wear it in shreds.

Fifty-four per cent of the American public plan to make their next pet a rescued animal, showing compassion, as a lot of these creatures would be put down.

It is said that people who love their pets, find it easier to love others and interestingly enough, two thirds of pet owners are childless.

Child substitutes for many no doubt.

Yet the need to love and care for little beings, is part of our natures.

To tell the truth, I’m a sucker for all tose cute animal videos on YouTube.

So let us get on with the care of all God’s creatures and show them the respect they deserve, I say.

Robert Nichol is a freelance columnist with the Tribune/Advisor.


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