Let’s benefit from our own supply

Resident calls for Canadian oil and gas resources to be used

To the negative and naive people out there regarding the pipeline and Canadian oil, it is time you get your heads out of the sand. We need the oil.

It really is a simple question. Do you want to use and sell our Canadian/Alberta oil sands, or will you just keep on buying from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and other countries?

We are lining the pockets of these other countries with billions of dollars that we could be keeping in Canada. Supporting local oil sands will also create thousands of long-term jobs which will improve our standard of living.

Please get the facts correct.  In California, Pennsylvania and New York, their coal and steel mills produce more greenhouse gases and water and air pollution affecting the carbon footprint than all of Canada. Pittsburgh, alone, produces more greenhouse gases, carbon emissions and air pollution than all of Alberta.

The ozone layer is not weakened by aerosol cans.

Come on people, we are not that naive.

In B.C., we have had pipelines running throughout this great province since the 1950s  and ’60s, some of which are still in use.

I do believe that our technology and engineering and knowledge of pipeline designs, construction and safety for this type of work in the new millennium far surpasses what we had for technology in the 1950s.

Yes, with progress there are sacrifices to the land and water. Oil spills are a concern.  But I would much rather have these risks and generate jobs in Canada and buy our oil locally, rather than import from the U.S. and overseas.

For every negative person that doesn’t want the pipeline or a refinery to transport and market our in-house oils, I ask you, “what do you burn for fuel?”

Not what hybrid or fuel wise car do you drive; what petroleum product? Is it a Canadian product, or is if from Saudi Arabia? Or some other overseas country?

Or, are you, like most and prefer not to even think about it? Not think of where your food, clothing, appliances, gas and oil come from. It is the simplest thing to do – not think about where these things come from, and at what cost? The human cost, child labour, poverty wages, poor living and no medical, but who wants to think of these things?  As long as you get your product into your home, that’s as far as your thinking goes. Thanks, and safe driving to all.

The future is ours Canada. Let’s band together and benefit from it. Until there is a proven alternate source for fuel, oil is in.

By sea, by rail, by transport and by pipeline.

We tell our children to buy smart, recycle smart and think smart, yet we don’t.  We have the resources and the world needs it.  That is as simple as it gets.


Brian Gilowski




Vernon Morning Star