Ladysmith Festival of Lights Society could use your help

The Festival of Lights Society is looking for volunteers on Nov. 27 to man barricades during Light Up and is looking for lights.


We’re just over a week away from the 27th annual Light Up celebration, and the Festival of Lights Society needs your help to make it another top-notch celebration.

We’re hoping we can get some volunteers for Light Up day Thursday, Nov. 27 to help man the barricades.

You can come and bring your lawn chairs and catch all the festivities, but we just need the barricades to be manned. With the large crowd that we get, we need to make sure safety is at the top of the list, and it would be a big, big help to us if there was a family or responsible group that wanted to come and look after a certain area, such as High Street, to keep it safe.

Anyone interested in volunteering during Light Up can call the Festival of Lights office at 250-245-5888.

We are also hoping that people will be able to donate lights.

If you’re putting up your Christmas lights and changing your colour scheme or exchanging old lights for LED lights and you want to dispose of any lights, we would be happy to use them.

You can drop them off at the Festival of Lights building near the Ladysmith Cemetery or give us a call at 250-245-5888, and we can come pick them up.

Because LED lights are so expensive, as we buy more LEDs, we don’t have the money to expand like we want to, so if people are getting rid of lights and want to donate them to us, that would help greatly.

Thank you.

Duck Paterson

Festival of Lights Society


Ladysmith Chronicle