Keep manager in current position

It was with great disbelief that I read about the city of Penticton hiring a new general manager for our new and improved Community Centre (April 15 Penticton Western News).

Mayor Dan Ashton makes a statement that he and council listened to the community and that “there is no change.” I, and those in Penticton who rallied for keeping our Community Centre public, beg to differ. Part and parcel and at the heart of what we recognize as the Community Centre, is its recreation manager, Dave Lieskovsky.

To have this extraordinary man who has performed his job in the area of recreation in an exemplary manner over the past 26 years be forced into a lateral transfer into building and facilities makes no sense. Mr. Lieskovsky is a driving force in the planning and completion of the new facility. How can it be that the reward for almost three decades of dedication, is to be denied the right to work in his area of expertise?

As the article explains, Mayor Dan Ashton and his council are acting on the advisement of the new city manager, who is also new to Penticton. As such, it may be that she is not fully cognizant of Mr. Lieskovsky’s lifetime of expertise, commitment and value to our community.

So I implore all you Penticonites who believe in the true spirit of the community of Penticton to write Mayor Dan Ashton and his council and ask them to reconsider this poor decision. Let’s keep Mr. Dave Lieskovsky in the heart of our recreation centre where he belongs.

Karen Boyd





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