Jobs lead to good communities

BC Liberal candidate for Skeena Ellis Ross wants economic development projects that protect the environment and improve quality of life

Dear Sir:

This is in response to your editorial of January 25, 2017 entitled “Oil refinery”.

My support for the idea of a refinery is based on the potential for well-paying jobs, adding value to Canadian resources, and shipping a safer product.

There are many more conversations to be held as these proposals look to move forward, especially risk to the environment and safety issues, which is partly what environmental assessments are designed to do.

Other factors including markets, supply, and job opportunities fall to the proponents and to politicians – so it’s important that we start these conversations now.

What I want to make very clear to Skeena residents is that my leadership experience comes from looking at proposals that offer jobs and opportunity.

It is jobs in a healthy economy that build better communities and allow each of us to look after the people we love.

I will work to get the right people around the table and ensure we are moving forward with economic development projects that protect our environment and improve quality of life in our region.

Ellis Ross,

BC Liberal Candidate – Skeena

Terrace Standard