Smithers Interior News Editorial

Smithers Interior News Editorial

It’s up to all of us to remain cautious

Restart was never intended to mean back to normal

After three months of declining numbers, B.C.’s COVID-19 curve is starting to look more like March and April.

Consequently, some people are starting to denigrate the government and even the esteemed Dr. Bonnie Henry for poorly managing the restart.

That is not fair.

We could not keep everything shut down indefinitely. And, from the beginning, the gradual restart was intended to keep the numbers low.

We were basically given three months to get used to the precautions so when things started opening up again, we would continue to take them.

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Restarting was never meant to be ‘back to normal.’

Obviously, enough people are ignoring the guidelines that we have now quadruple the numbers we were seeing in May and June.

B.C., once lauded as the model of COVID management, is now doing worse than Ontario. Ontario.

A successful relaunch always depended on the cooperation of the public. We all need to take responsibility for preventing the transmission of this disease. We don’t need to reiterate what those measures are.


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To mask or not to mask?

Nothing is without some level of risk, of course, but of particular concern are bars and restaurants. Most are doing very well with the physical distancing, space engineering, serving, sanitization and other measures, but many are still not taking contact information.

This is not mandatory. Again, the Province has tread very lightly in balancing civil liberty and safety concerns, preferring education and cooperation over legislation and enforcement.

Hopefully, we prevent having to use contact tracing by continuing or going back to all the things we were so successful at doing in May and June.

Just in case, however, let’s make sure we have the means to track down people who may have been potentially exposed by cooperating with the non-mandatory guidelines before the authorities are forced to take more draconian measures.

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