It happened this week in Cranbrook

For the week of December 28 through January 3, 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1906, 1907, 1908

Dave Humphrey

Items compiled from the archived newspapers held at the Cranbrook Museum and Archives


Baker Home … George Taylor has just finished a fine tiled fireplace for the Baker home, with heavy oak mantle and French plate mirror.


The Whistles Blew …  All the whistles in town were turned loose Monday night at 12 o’clock, and for a time pandemonium reigned. It was the signal for the passing of the old century and the arrival of the new.


Leltch’s Christmas Boots … A. Leitch, of the Cranbrook Lumber Company, received a Christmas present that was a surprise. While hunting in the territories last fall he had some trouble with his feet, and George Leason, of Calgary, who was one of the party, joked him considerably on his vanity that prompted him to wear boots too small for comfort. Christmas day Mr. Leitch received a pair large enough to take in the end of a saw log, and accompanying the gift was a long letter from Mr. Leason, commiserating with him on his sufferings from his feet and advising him to throw vanity to the winds and seek comfort in his declining years by wearing the boots sent. Mr. Leitch is having a shed built for the new boots as their extraordinary size makes it impossible to get them through any door in his house.


Church Offering … The offering at Christ Church Christmas morning, which it is the custom to present to the rector, amounted to the sum of $35.

Rink Damaged … The heavy weight of snow on the roof of the rink caused a break down last week. As a consequence the opening of the place has been delayed, but it will be ready in a few days. The band will have charge this winter.

Neat Decorations … One of the neatest pieces of decorating down this year was at the market of P. Burns & Co. The shop had been painted white inside, and was hung with all kinds of meat, and decorated with coloured paper streamers and imitation roses. On the floor was green sawdust, the combination producing an effect both attractive and pleasing. The work was done by Manager Sterritt and Mr Netterfield, the cutter, and received all kinds of praise from the admiring public.


For Sale … House containing 11 large rooms, plastered; furnace in cellar; city water; half acre of land fenced; price $2,000. Thos. W. Leask, Cranbrook.


Enjoyed Christmas … A merry crowd of Cranbrook people spent Christmas day at Perry Creek. To say the least they surely had a pleasant day. Dinner was served when they arrived and all did justice to the good things prepared, consisting of roast goose, chicken, venison and all that go with it to make it good. After dinner the spacious dining room was cleared and dancing and cards and other amusements was indulged in till tea time, when all repaired to the dining room and were again refreshed, after which Mr. John McDonald rendered a Scotch reading, which was enjoyed by all. By this time the drivers were heard to yell, “All aboard,” and the merry jingling of a four horse sleigh was driven up. The party singing, made their way home in the moonlight, wishing the host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Burge, a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Try Our Beer … Try a Case of Kerrigan’s Stout. Two Dozen Pints for $2.50. Equal to Guinness. The finest beverage on the market for family and table use.  Imports vigour and health, and tones up the body generally James Kerriganm Brewer, Cranbrook.


Another Mill Starts Up … Next week, at the latest, the Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Company, will have their saw mill, two miles southeast of Cranbrook, running full blast. Twenty teams of horses arrived from the east this week to take up the work of hauling in the logs already cut in the bush and a big gang of men will be kept employed all winter logging, and a full crew will be employed at the saw mill. The Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Company intend to keep the mill running constantly to well into the summer, as they have a good market for all the lumber they can manufacture.

Wonderful Service … With the exception of last week, when the new dynamo was being put in, the electric lights in Cranbrook have only been shut off for five hours in the last two and a half years. This is phenomenal.

Fall on the Job … Dan Bremner, whilst working on the telephone line near Mayook last Thursday had the misfortune to fall from a telephone post twenty-two feet to the ground. In spite of being badly bruised and shaken up, Dan climbed the pole again and finished the work he was doing.

Eagles … Don’t forget the social evening and smoker to be given tomorrow evening the by the Eagles. These birds, when it comes to giving their friends a good time, know their business,

Ferris Wheel … Beattie & Atchison have put in a Ferris wheel. Not one to carry passengers, but for exhibiting picture post cards. It is the most up-to-date thing of its kind on the market.

$500 Cash … Will buy a 7-Roomed Residence Situate on Baker Hill. All modern Improvements. You pay rent. Why don’t you own your home? Now is your opportunity. For Particulars, apply BEALE & ELWELL REAL ESTATE AGENTS CRANBROOK, B. C.

Brass Band … The Cranbrook Brass Band did a fine line of serenading in New Year’s Day.  They played several tunes at Burns’ corner and then proceeded to the curling rink, where they played for some time.  Some of the boys at the rink started a collection and a goodly sum found its way into the coffers of the band.

New Shooting Gallery … The Star Novelty Company are opening a shooting gallery opposite the Canadian Bank of Commerce.

Cranbrook Daily Townsman