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I am really angry at Canada Post.


I am really angry at Canada Post. Our mail is delivered to a rural post box in North-west Abbotsford. On Wednesday, October 1, the box was vandalised (this is now Wednesday of the following week). I have had no mail delivered since then, although the part of the mailbox I used is undamaged.

I went to the local postal outlet in Mount Lehman, and the postmaster had no idea where my mail is, but gave me a number and extension to call I called Monday morning, but that person was not in the office, so I left a message to be called back. No returned call. I tried again Tuesday morning but the person was still out of the office. No call back.

I called the supervisor of the office, who did not know where my mail is, but thought it would probably be held at the sorting office, which is a 45 minute round trip car journey away. When I asked if it could be transferred to our local outlet, I was told there was a very good chance it would be just returned to the sender as it was not addressed to the Mount Lehman Post office. I asked if it could be put in an envelope and sent there. “Not typically, no.”

Some of the mail I am expecting is time sensitive. The sorting office does not have any extended hours, so how is a working person expected to get their mail?

Since then I have a parcel of some badly needed parts also in limbo.

I understand that it is not the fault of the Post Office if the boxes are broken into, but there must be a better way of dealing with the situation. Surely it is not unreasonable to expect our mail to be held at the closest postal outlet.

I was told this could not be done because it is a retail outlet, and not a Post Office. Mail is picked up there, and parcels are left there for pick up by customers, so it is part of some system.

The total lack of interest in helping me solve my problem was astounding, and Canada Post wonders why fewer people are using it.

Yvonne Holden, Mount Lehman

Aldergrove Star

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