Insurance coverage not as advertised

Insurance company isn't willing to actually fully replace items lost in house fire.

Editor: We had a fire at our home on March 1. You ran the story about the fire at our home on 50 Avenue in the March 7 edition of The Times.

We need some help and we don’t know who to contact. We are dealing with our insurance company. We would like to know if someone could tell if replacement cost insurance means that we only get get the depreciated value.

When we make the purchases and send in our receipts, we are only going to be reimbursed for a portion of the cost.

I always thought replacement meant that is exactly what you get. Is this a bunch of lies?

Our insurance policy states that we get the replacement cost, but that is not what is happening. Our big purchases include two full bedroom suites. We were told by our adjuster that we will only be getting $8,000 of the $11,000 it will cost to replace the items, and that it is up to us to cover the balance.

After we make the purchases, we are to send in the receipts to get reimbursed. Does everybody have $3,000 hanging around for such an emergency? The company has also hired an independent adjuster to go through every item and put a value on it.  We just started this process today, and it will take quite a few days to do this.

So far, the adjuster has ripped off my grandchildren of at least $600 by depreciating their toys and talking my daughter into settling for $400 instead of at least $1,000. She told us that $400 should buy quite a few toys.

Is this how it’s done? I think by the time this adjuster is done, it will have cost the company at least $3,000 for her services.

We need some help, please.


Pam Kugler,


Langley Times