In response

Resident raises concerns about the education system in B.C.

Thank you to Brent Applegath for writing the letter in The Morning Star, “Back in the classroom but…” which I have been meaning to write myself.  You are right.

The most recent strike did little more than illustrate the callousness (toward children) of the neo-cons in Victoria, and the ineptitude of the B.C. Teachers Federation  executive. Once again, B. C. teachers volunteered our salaries to help fund the system and nothing has improved.

I started teaching 30 years ago, spending the last 20 years back home in the greatest place on earth (but not for children).

Due to government cutbacks in education back then, I spent my first years teaching in California, Japan, and in a private school.  In none of these systems were teachers as overworked and underpaid as in B.C. public schools.

More recently, during a one-year exchange in Australia, I experienced the nightmare I foresee coming to B. C. public schools once more and more of the top students are siphoned off by private schools.

I am already seeing similarities in the incoming students to my high school, to the students I taught in my former Australian public school: a sense of entitlement, lack of motivation, and a lack of respect for everyone else in the school community.

So G. C. Robertson, if you think your current visits to the bank are frustrating, wait a few years when they might be unbearable (I recommend online banking).


Terry Shykora




Vernon Morning Star