Improve the food at Mills Memorial Hospital

The privatization and outsourcing of Terrace's hospital food preparation is a disgrace

An open letter to:

The Northern Health Authority

Dear Sirs:

Recently I was admitted to Mills Memorial Hospital. I spent time in emergency, intensive care, and on the ward. I found that all personnel – doctors, nurses, and all support staff – were friendly, proficient and caring and deserve our thanks and gratitude for their efforts.

However there is one complaint that has been raised numerous times with no results. The substance that masquerades as food!

I have had my fair share of bad food. When I asked a nurse what was in the cup tasting like diesel he informed me that it must be coffee as the tea tasted like gasoline.

Joking aside something ought to be done to improve the meals and stop the absurd method of preparation, where it is fabricated somewhere in B.C., frozen, shipped to Mills, defrosted in some weird looking vessels that appear to be from outer space and made by some material unknown to man. Even a cup made of ceramic would be an improvement.

Everyone understand that you cannot make meals for a great number of people that taste as one made for four people.

However if the provincial government and Northern Health were not hell-bent to privatize as much as possible and prevent people in Terrace making a decent living preparing hospital food that is good and fresh, instead they are assuring that minimum wage workers somewhere in B.C. are making someone rich.

Northern Health – go back to how it used to be, prepare meals here.

John Jensen,

Terrace, B.C.


Terrace Standard