Impoverished premier should pay her own way

One Langford resident believes Primer Christy Clark should foot the bill for more of her expenses

I suppose it is hard for a single mom with one child to eke out a living on $195,000 a year these days.

That must be why the B.C. Liberal Party is paying their impoverished leader an additional stipend of $50,000 a year, despite the fact she ran for leader on her own free will –nobody forced her to.

Out of all that money, why can’t she pay for her own defense in a conflict of interest investigation?

It was not so long ago that the B.C. Liberals attacked then-B.C. Conservative leader John Cummins for collecting his gold-plated MP’s pension, calling him an unprincipled politician even though he had no MLA salary at the time like Clark.

Yet for her to be paid $195,000 plus a big, fat pension and meal per diems on our dime and we pick up the tab for her legal defense and the party pays her an annual stipend of $50,000? Nope, no integrity or principle issues there; have another cup of tea!

I wonder what party members who are solicited for donations or asked to volunteer during campaigns think of party resources being used this way? Clark will have to face the court of public opinion on this in about a year.

Andre Mollon


Goldstream News Gazette

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