Important to engage in the community

Lorraine Doiron's View from the Porch.

Overheard at the Safeway: two young men checking out the steaks. One said “Didn’t realize I might need to take out a second mortgage just to get a steak for supper.” The other fellow said “Cheaper to just go out and shoot a moose, eh?”

Elections BC released referendum vote results, extinguishing the HST. We must try harder, encouraging the government to engage people in taxation discussions, we mustn’t sit back. Look what happened when we weren’t paying attention: our town’s council removed the seniors’ exemption for water, sewer. I admit being remiss in attending council meetings, placing my trust in the officials I helped elect. We had our chance to speak, presenting council with our petition against this decision, they would not change, it should end there but it continues to smart, reminding me to be careful where I place my trust. I have noticed more debate over mobile vendors than there appeared to be over a bylaw change that is so incredibly damaging to our seniors. This column is about community news, perhaps this one time I will be allowed a bit of a rant, venting is good for the soul.

Remember the Who Am I? workshop, over two weekends starting Sept. 16 in the evening. More information can be found by calling Wendy 250-847-3533.

Getting ready for winter. Garden tips: get rid of diseased leaves in the garbage not in the compost. Spread remaining leaves under shrubs, exposed soil, providing mineral nutrients and fertilizer. Scatter seeds for annuals, replace summer annuals, plant spring-flowering perennials, divide overgrown perennials, continue to water shrubs, trees. Harvest ripened fruits and vegetables, protect your equipment, cleaning them before storing away. Turn off water taps. (something I once forgot.)

Mushrooms contain 90 per cent water, have few calories. Fat, carbohydrate content is minimal, they do not contain cholesterol. Rich in protein, contain vitamins B, C, D, some contain A. Some vitamin values are destroyed during cooking, select mushrooms that are firm, fresh, free from blemishes. Avoid using water when cleaning, use a brush, cut lengthwise, check for insects, other debris.

September at the Gallery, paintings by Linda Lundquist-Fraser. October will see Perry Rath, local artist and teacher. Upcoming events: a silent auction fundraiser called 6X6, a number of workshops during September and October, Winter Gold vendors’ application forms with instructions, fees (deadline Sept. 30), Christmas in the Gallery applications, information, downloadable forms all available at

Northwest Community College will be celebrating their new campus with a Wet’suwet’en pole raising and feast, on Sept. 23, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Closing with:  Laughter is the closest distance between two people. Victor Borge.

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