HST status

The B.C. Liberal Party has announced that the HST issue will be resolved by a mail-in vote. Although the exact wording of the question has not been published I believe it will be something like: Choose one of the two following options. One : I am in favour of retaining the HST on goods and service or Two: I am in favour of GST and PST on goods and services.

What is bothersome is that if we choose the HST option then we are going to continue to pay tax on the goods and services that were exempt from PST taxes prior to implementation of the HST. For example; veterinarian bills were charged GST but not PST prior to the HST. This is true of several other items. If we choose to elect GST and PST taxes on goods and services, does that mean that items that were previously exempt from the PST revert back to their previous status? I believe we need some clarification prior to the mail-in vote.

Allan Hooper



Vernon Morning Star