How can a government deny medical services to children?

Dear editor,

Our MP John Duncan, and his fellow travellers Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird have continually refused to permit children from Gaza who were severely injured in the recent conflicts, to come to Canada for urgent medical care. The Province of Ontario, hospitals and medical staff have all agreed to help 100 children. The federal Conservatives first expressed concern the children might be accompanied by Hamas/terrorist parents, but then there are so many orphans.

Now we have Baird saying “no” to the children because it’s better to provide care “at home” and avoid “dangerous” travel.  Well in case the Conservatives haven’t noticed there is not much of an infrastructure left in Gaza, the hospitals are overwhelmed. The hospitals have neither the technology, staff, water or electricity to provide the medical care these children need. Other countries have had no problems flying children to their hospitals in South America.

So why do the federal Conservatives continually want to deny these babies and toddlers medical help? Is it because they live in Gaza or do they simply dislike children?

The federal Conservatives don’t want to provide adequate care for Canadian veterans. The federal Conservatives  don’t want a national inquiry into the missing/murdered 1,200 First Nations women. The federal Conservatives don’t want to provide urgently needed medical care for the children of Gaza. What is wrong with these people?

The federal Conservatives have now refused to grant visas to even a handful of children.  What is the matter with the federal Conservatives?  They seem so willing to go to war, support wars, but not so willing to deal with the after effects of war: i.e. taking care of the casualties of war, even if they are children.

E. A. Foster



Comox Valley Record