Homeless: solution must be grass roots

Mike Davies hits the mark in his column on homelessness

  • Re:  Mike’s Musings, August 28

Mike Davies hits the mark when he states “We, as a society, don’t put nearly enough effort into funding programs and services – and creating public policy…”

His use of the Band-Aid analogy in describing the present approach is exactly right and is exactly the opposite of what is needed to solve the social problems that plague our society.

In April, the Campbell River City Council voted to endorse the establishment of a Social Policy Framework for the province.

Briefly, a social policy framework is a tool that can be used to guide decision-making, set future directions, identify important connections and support the alignment of policy and practice. It’s a blue print to be followed to build a sharing community.

In the fall, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities convention subsequently endorsed a request for that same Social Policy Framework from the provincial government.

To date the government has not acted on the recommendation of the mayors and councils of B.C. It is clear to me, and I assume to Mr. Davies, that pressure to have the provincial government formulate and adopt a social policy framework must come from the grass roots, from us.  Campbell River and all communities deserve social policy that benefits all our citizens.

-T. L. Moist, Black Creek

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