Heritage guidelines a framework not a regulation

Editor: I don’t know Mr. Brian Holmes, but I agree with his letter on the Fort Langley heritage guidelines. As one who has authored and edited corporate and governmental guidelines and protocols, I would like to stress the “guide” part of guidelines.

They are not regulations, legislation, or laws to be strictly adhered to and enforced, but meant to provide a framework of principles for the user.

Council has debated in detail the design of the Coulter Berry building, vis-à-vis heritage guidelines with staff input.

Having an extra storey to provide greater services for the community without incurring additional environmental costs (in terms of clearing more land for development and thus destroying habitat) is, in my opinion, a no-brainer.

This, coupled with the fact that there are existing three storey buildings, is within the variance afforded by the guidelines of two-storeys.

Heritage imparts a feel and ambience, and the building façade of the Coulter Berry provides this.

Given the need for services, I believe the variance was appropriate in the big picture.

Patricia Tallman


Langley Times