Health care

Resident says there's a need to allow people to access health care if they can afford to pay

We have a modern hospital with a trauma centre that serves Vernon, Armstrong, Enderby, Lumby and the surrounding communities with an estimated population of 81,237.

Why is it that our caregivers have to take patients out of the intensive care unit and transfer them to Kelowna to have an MRI? The very act of deciding whether to book and transport patients to Kelowna has the effect of reducing the quality of health care to our local citizens. It’s very pathetic.

Secondly, why is it that I can travel to so-called Third World countries and get excellent health care almost immediately, with all of their citizens covered and receiving health care? In Canada, I have to wait six months for a colonoscopy or an MRI. Our government keeps throwing money at our health care system, and most recently home care.

I have nothing against home care but the reason most countries have more accessible home care is they have a two-tiered system.

People who can afford to pay for treatment should be allowed to do so.

It would have the desired effect of reducing wait lists and make health care more accessible for folks like me who cannot afford to pay.

It’s not a matter of privilege. I eat at A&W and if my neighbours eat at the Keg, why should I care?

My neighbour, who can afford to pay for their health care, would have the desired effect of reducing wait lists and reducing government spending on health care. This wouldn’t be that bad.

Herbert Wyness



Vernon Morning Star