Handling of BC Hydro sets a bad example

BC Liberal government setting a poor example of ethical behaviour

The BC Liberal government continues to demonstrate a very poor example of ethical behaviour to the business and political communities.

From what little information that has been made public, it appears that the BC Liberal government is allowing (and even encouraging) a company the size of BC Hydro to defer debts indefinitely, and that this does not fall within generally accepted accounting practices.

Such questionable accounting activity might even be compared unfavourably to things such as raiding the company pension fund.

With this example set by the BC Liberal Party, how many marginally legal companies see this an acceptable method to operate in B.C.? This can only serve to attract some nefarious organizations to the province.

Strangely enough, and not necessarily related, we learn that the chief executive of Samsung Group (one of the world’s biggest makers of smartphones and memory chips) has been arrested over his alleged role in a corruption scandal at the highest level of political power in South Korea.

The purported influence-peddling scandal has led the South Korean Parliament to impeach President Park Geun-hye. A decision recently upheld by the Constitutional Court, forcing her from office.

It just so happens that Samsung Group is one of the companies involved in building BC Hydro’s Site C Dam within the Peace River valley.

It might seem premature to infer that such a corruption scandal could, inevitably, spill over into Canada and British Columbia,but stranger things have happened, and the BC Liberal Party appears to enjoy living on the edge, and encouraging global interests by their acceptance of political donations from many offshore organizations.

P.W. Bailey



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