Great hospital

Editor: The new Burns Lake Hospital and health centre is a great asset to our community.


I am writing this to let the people of Burns Lake and district know that the new Burns Lake Hospital and health centre is a great asset to our community.

I was admitted to our hospital on Oct. 3, 2015 then transferred to Prince George hospital until the 20 of October at which time I was well enough to continue my I.V. antibiotic treatment in Burns Lake through our hospital emergency department. I find most days the emergency department is busy and I have to wait to be seen. Some days the wait is very short and some days longer, but I would say reasonable wait times.

The rooms in the emergency department are actual rooms and not curtained off areas because these are rooms. It give me confidence that what is discussed with staff will remain confidential.

Our hospital provided all my basic needs and it is a lot less stressful, both on myself and family and friends to be close to home. I had a deluxe room here as compared to my room in Prince George hospital.

I really appreciated having a wall mounted TV which was large enough to be seen with aging eyes. Being a one cell phone family having a phone in my room helped to connect with family to relieve my own anxiety and theirs.

Also the hospital has adequate parking for cars. Not only is phone, TV and parking provided it is provided without charge.

I found all the staff and doctors who attended to my recovery helpful, professional and caring.

Good job Burns Lake on a wonderful new hospital. We are so fortunate to have this facility.

Ron Miller

Burns Lake, BC

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