Grammys and Academy Awards unpopular because they’re too woke

It has become tiring and burdensome to have "woke" ideology shoved down our throats by zealots

Grammys and Academy Awards unpopular because they’re too woke

Recently the Cowichan Valley Citizen [published online] an article entitled “Grammy Award ratings drop 51 per cent to record low.” Hopefully, a lot of your readers took the time to read it and reflect on why this is an important development and why fewer and fewer people are watching the Grammys, the Academy Awards and other formerly revered media events we all so fondly remember from decades ago.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that this is occurring. On the simplest of levels no one likes being lectured to by venal celebrities who often do not follow their own advice and delight in taking the opportunity to excoriate other people because they are unwilling to conform to the values of “woke” culture. Who needs that, and who wants it? Apparently fewer and fewer people.

For many of us it has now become tiring and burdensome to have “woke” ideology shoved down our collective throats by zealots, who are often, if not always, immensely wealthy and privileged in ways the rest of us can only imagine and will never experience. Once again, the gulf between the majority of ordinary people and the liberal progressive elite is widening.

The situation has become so bad that even radical liberal entertainers like Sarah Silverman and David Chapelle have announced their disgust with the Hollywood “woke” elite and the selective propanganda of the entertainment industry. Silverman has announced her intention to leave the Democratic party and has referred to events like the Grammys as “Righteousness Porn.” It’s a good descriptor. You know “woke” has gone too far when even its own supporters say they are leaving it and become its opponents.

The viewing public is voting with its feet. Small wonder. Perhaps, if this trend continues, the Grammys and the Academy Awards will become culturally and financially untenable, bearing out the now popular saying “Go Woke, Go Broke.” Considering what the Grammys and the Academy Awards once were, that would be a sad development, but also an obvious indicator of how little the average person agrees with political correctness and “woke” culture.

Perry Foster


Cowichan Valley Citizen