Government debt threatens qualify of life

The quality of life the citizens of Canada have enjoyed in the past is most likely going to decline.

We are living beyond our means and on borrowed money. The Canadian government is billions of dollars in debt and is carrying a deficit.

The interest payments alone reduce the financial freedom Ottawa has to support and sustain essential programs and services.

The Canadian government needs to get its fiscal house in order. Social programs and social infrastructure are the glue that keep this country together.

Canada is the envy of the world because it takes care of its citizens. National programs such as the Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security and Employment Insurance inject millions into the economy and provide for Canadians when they are in need.

Universal health care and transfer payments provide Canadians with a competitive advantage over the Americans which have much more serious and endemic problems of poverty, poor health care, and racial divisions.

The Canadian government needs to wipe out the debt and deficit to secure our quality of life.

The poor do not have the money to pay sufficient taxes. The working class is already overburdened and overtaxed.

So who’s left? The people who need to voluntarily launch a campaign to rescue Canada’s finances are the banks, billionaires, corporate interests and the rich.  The Canadian government can facilitate this rescue package by giving generous tax deductions to anyone who directly donates to wipe out the national debt.

Time to get serious about national money matters. If the rich are making money from doing business in Canada, I am sure they would want to see their investment in good hands with a stable financially secure and debt-free federal government at the helm.


Alex Sangha


Surrey Now Leader