Good plan

Resident supports the ministry proposal for the Stickle Road area

I took the time to review the Ministry of Transportation presentation on the Okanagan corridor improvement project, which includes Stickle Road.

It’s a well studied presentation, and after reviewing the details, there is no doubt in my mind that a professional, thorough process was undertaken, and the right decision was made here. Hours of study and public discussion took place. A public open house was funded and hosted by the B.C. government last May.

My belief is we need to listen to the community, but also the experts. They have the technical knowledge to solve the congestion problem and create a safer corridor for our families.

Let’s not turn away from these timely investments either — dollars from the province that will build safer communities for Vernon.

It’s time to act based on the feedback from the public consultation, and the engineers, not 11th hour complainers.

Otherwise, we get nothing accomplished.

Shannon Moore



Vernon Morning Star

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