Good morning Creston

A TAPS morning call is something Creston seniors can count on.

Maureen Cameron

Maureen Cameron

“I think we should have a sign outside saying: ‘The Love House’ said a TAPS client.

Good Morning Creston.  A TAPS morning call is something our seniors can count on. First thing every morning a staff member makes well-being calls to our clients.   These calls are an integral part of the program. Staff have an opportunity to have a conversation and see how they’re doing and if the senior will be attending the program that day.  It’s a time to clarify transportation or scheduling needs for appointments and anything else that might come up.  It sets a tone for the day and for the kitchen it’s needed information for staff and volunteers to plan for how many meals and snacks to have available.  The daily safety call is something that is discussed during the initial TAPS interview, and for seniors living alone they participate in putting a personal plan in place should an emergency occur.  According to the staff there have been two occasions when this plan was enacted as a result of the morning call, resulting in life saving measures on each occurrence.

Thanks to the Harris family of Kootenay Meadows who donate milk and cream to TAPS, and this week we got to enjoy some of their Alpindon and Nostrala cheeses as an additional surprise snack to our lunch menu.  Thanks also to the Knights of Columbus for their recent donation in December, to the Legion for their Meat Draw donation and to Wynnwood Saw Mill for their silent auction donation.

While Christmas and the holidays are fading memories, we do want to say thanks to some friends who come together for this annual event and include youth in serving and entertaining at TAPS.  In December, Doris Corbeil, Heather More and Terry Jo Henry provided a fabulous turkey dinner with all the trimmings and a group of young women from the Mormon Hills School served and entertained us with their beautiful voices, spirit and energy.  A double thanks is needed here, as our seniors reciprocated with donations which were collected for the Ministerial Hamper Fund.

A shout out to our TAPS bus drivers Kerry Schoncite and Nellie Daniels and to Richard Chlopecki and Ken Gerding of the BC transit HandyDart who do such a fine job of picking up and attending to our seniors needs for transportation.  In this wintery weather with all the conditions they face, our seniors are appreciative of being able to safely leave and get back home.  From regular program attendance to shopping, appointments and errands, we want to thank you all for the service you provide with such good spirits for TAPS and The Better At Home Program.

Contact 250-428-5585 TAPS is one of many programs provided by Valley Community Services  Donor options are available on line or by calling the VCS Office at 250-428-5547.


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