Full of garbage

Creston letter writer on problems of garbage and animal carcasses.

To the Editor:

We recently moved to the Creston Valley area and bought a piece of property close to Mt. Thompson.

There is an area that is full of garbage and animal carcasses/bones with more and more being dropped off almost daily, the garbage being almost 10 ft tall and 30 ft wide and bones now being left with the garbage.

We have called the conservation officer, gone to the RDCK, called fish and wild life, called the forestry department and no one took the time of day to look into this matter. The bears and cougars are coming down the hill and do not care where they find something to eat. These are wild animals only looking for their next meal.

We want the garbage and the carcasses cleaned up and removed, but no one seems to think this is important. Why does no one in government seem to care?

Bert Enskat



Creston Valley Advance