Full moon, time change and Friday the 13th

Marisca talks about this crazy week

This last week saw time change, a super moon and a Friday the 13th.

One of these things on its own is enough to make the kids crazy but all three within a week? If you survived, and I’m assuming so if you’re reading this, then cheers. It’s almost spring and we can be outside all day soon and relieve the cabin fever. Just keep dreaming of warmer days.

Interestingly enough there was been research and studies done showing a correlation between full moons and crazy behaviour. So if you think your kids are a little wild around a full moon, you might be right. There has been studies done with police showing that crime is up during a full moon. The National Criminal Justice Reference Service released a report that included police records in Florida over a five year period that showed there was an increase in homicide and assault cases around the full moon.

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Full moons can also affect your sleep which affects your mood. I know I have less patience with my kids when I’m tired. My kids are also more whiney when they are tired— which drives me nuts.

The time change also wreaked havoc on our sleep. Daylight savings time also means that there is more light at night and less in the morning. I prefer the opposite. My kids are awake at 5:30 every morning. It is nice to have natural light sooner rather than later so I don’t feel like I’m making coffee in the middle of the night. It is also hard to put the kids to bed when the sun is still up. Thanks to a little Disney princess named Anna, my daughter has repeated the phrase, “The sun is awake so I’m awake.” I’m all in favour of keeping Standard Time. Let’s go back an hour in the fall and then leave the idea of time change behind us. Sleep is too important to mess with. When you are sleeping your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. Good, quality sleep means good physical and mental health.

This week also saw people getting panicked about the coronavirus. There were good reminders to wash your hands properly to avoid getting sick.

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I tried to teach my four year old that she needs to wash her hands longer than she does and suggested she sing Happy Birthday while she lathers. It did not go well.

“Who’s birthday is it?”

“No ones, just sing the song.”

“Well, I have to sing it to someone….”

“Okay, fine, it can be your birthday.”

“IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!? Can we have cake and balloons? And can I invite my friends over?”

“No, it isn’t actually your birthday.”

“…and I’d like a new doll and my ears pierced and pink napkins…”

That’s when I threw in the towel but she managed to soap up her hands for a long time while she planned her imaginary birthday party. I’ll have to try a new method to get her wash her hands for longer than three seconds.

I hope the rest of March isn’t as crazy and the weather gets better for being outside. But on a side note, mini baby booms have also been associated with super moons ….

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