Freedom to roam

Resident concerned that regulations may target off-road vehicles

Defend your last motorized freedom, the off-road vehicle. B.C.’s cultural identity is partially defined by the freedom to roam the land. Do you want less freedom?

The Coalition for Licensing and Regulation of Off-Road Vehicles in B.C. (established 2003) has proposed the government restrict and clamp down on motorcycles, ATVs, ATCs, side-by-sides and other machines used in the bush.

Some highlights are, you must hold a valid B.C. driver’s license, carry liability insurance to operate on Crown land trails and forest roads, registration for all machines including a decal or license plate for identification, restrict where and how you use your ATV and enforce new laws in the bush, plus much more.

What I read is a popular recreation activity targeted for more taxes, fees and restrictions, attacking the middle class, which will end up costing every taxpayer more.

Right now, the cost to have fun in the bush is only the investment of the machine and some common sense with optional insurance. This is why popularity has grown to more than 200,000 ORVs in B.C.

If allowed, you will be forced to pay more and ride less. Another freedom stomped down by special interests. At a time of economic recovery, why suck more disposable income out of our economy?  Remember the HST and the gun registry? How about boating? It cost us plenty for what? Rest assured, once legislation is enacted, not there yet, in January maybe, off-road vehicles will see more future restrictions on land use.

There are other solutions that do not cost our social-economic system stress and money like this one but rather educate and train without direct cost to tax payers.  Somewhere in this apathetic world, personal responsibility has got to come back from the dead? We are way over regulated, so why create more rules and more tax?

Our cultural identity is partially defined by the freedom to roam the land and it belongs to every citizen. That’s why it’s called Crown land.

Let us retain some cash and freedom. Write your MLA and start a petition today. Say no to the ORV act.


Henry Van Soest




Vernon Morning Star