Free parking

Resident questions the City of Vernon's parking policies

Friends and I spent time recently in downtown Salmon Arm, fully enjoying our stay.

We browsed, shopped and had lunch, and never spent a minute worrying about plugging the parking meter.

Contrast this with recently when a friend and I wanted to have lunch and take in a matinee at the Towne Cinema.

Hmm, two hour max on the meters.

This involved stopping into the theatre, checking on how long the film was and heading back to plug the meter.

We had an interesting conversation with the owner of the theatre about the frustrations of a visit in downtown Vernon.

Perhaps the downtown business owners should get a huge tax break because they are penalized with the parking meters.

I am just saying it was an eye opener to visit Salmon Arm and to truly enjoy our time in the downtown there.


Mabel Thibault



Vernon Morning Star