Forming a finance committee is Governance 101

Dear editor,

Having just moved back into the Valley where I grew up and lived for over 25 years, I would need to be blind not to notice – it’s election time.  Not knowing any of the incumbents, nor able to vote in this election,  I have not been paying any attention to any of the posturing or campaigns.  However, I gotta say, the headline in the Oct. 23 Record –  Jangula takes exception to Ambler’s claims of cronyism – caught my eye. I’m not sure what rules of governance Jon Ambler is familiar with – but  a suggestion that a city form a finance committee is Governance 101. And to have a finance committee made up of professionals – as well as representation from the city – I honestly don’t see what you are objecting to Mr. Ambler.

Best practices in terms of governance is essential to the City of Courtenay. Your “good ole boy” proposal of a website where people can suggest what priorities should be, presumably in place of a finance committee… well, I’m speechless.

Almost speechless. I wrote this. And Jon Ambler – you would NOT get my vote.



Annette Moore

Comox Valley


Comox Valley Record