Foreign doctor feels in Catch 22 situation

Immigrant doctor says victim of a system that benefits no one

To the editor;

Re: Letter to the editor, “Start attracting immigrant doctors to fill shortage” in May 18 issue by Ron Wiebe of Kamloops.

I read your short and concise letter about the shortage of doctors in Canada. I am one of the doctors who are victims of a system with so many rules and regulations that benefit nobody not the qualified skilled people like me who spent more than 15 years of their lives in training and passing exams, and not the community that needs medical services that can’t be satisfied.

I have tried to discuss my willingness to start my profession at all levels but it looks like it is such a controversial subject that nobody wants to debate deeply and nobody wants to help me. All I feel is a deep sadness and I feel wasted in a country that I wanted to embrace with both arms and gave me in return only “slaps” and rejections from all levels.

I have tried repeatedly to communicate with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC and with the Medical Council of Canada who, after checking my medical degree diploma and all my credentials. and after confirming my qualifications as being genuine, gave the reply that I still can’t practice my profession.

I have for one-and-a-half years been trying to sort out a solution for me to start practising.

The story, in short, is that the medical profession will not talk to me without my being a permanent resident. And the immigration officials will not grant me permanent residency without Canadian experience in my profession.

I am in a Catch 22 that makes me feel like a prisoner with tied hands and tied legs. I feel discriminated and I have a bitter taste about all this situation.

This is to show that there are doctors amongst you and you can never tell who sits next to you or what difficult barrier needs to be broken before both parties can achieve a common goal, safety and satisfaction in providing medical care to everybody in need.

A doctor in a local community

in the North Thompson Valley


Barriere Star Journal