Fern crossing danger

For the second time I have nearly been knocked down on the crossing on Fern Road in downtown Qualicum Beach.

For the second time I have nearly been knocked down on the crossing on Fern Road in downtown Qualicum Beach.

Last Wednesday, after checking it was safe to cross the road, I was halfway across the crossing, with another lady, when a car came up Fern Road fast from the Memorial Avenue lights. I said to the other lady ‘he is not going to stop’ and in the end to make the driver aware there were people on the crossing I waved the shopping bags in the air and shouted.

The driver then slammed on the brakes right on the crossing, just missing us, and then proceeded to give us a little wave and went to park. This is exactly what happened to me the time before and many of my friends have had the same sort of experience.

Something has to be done to make motorists more aware that there is a pedestrian crossing there. The large black and white sign that has been put over the crossing is useless. Some form of flashing lights, like the old fashioned Belisha Beacons they had in the UK, would be much better. These would be situated at either side of the road and flashing so drivers would be better forewarned of an imminent crossing. If not this then a proper crossing light.

If this incident had happened to an elderly person who couldn’t move very fast or a young mother with a child who was not paying attention the consequences could have be terrible.

Someone has to be responsible and take action before a bad accident happens on this crossing.

Carol HarradineQualicum Beach

Parksville Qualicum Beach News