Federal election

Resident expresses concerns about the choices before voters

I wish to exit the closet by declaring that I consider myself to be an olive green, lower case ‘l’ liberal/libertarian.

As a progressive society, we should be doing everything we can, economically, to protect our environment. In this election season, for whom should we vote? I’m glad you asked!

Is the answer, “The best of a bad bunch?”  Our world and its environment are important for our survival, but it must be economically sustainable. Our governments, political parties, and the media are unwilling to admit that for decades, our world economies have been in decline while we have been living beyond our means. During 2007/08, the world entered a severe recession which in fact was the beginning of a greater depression.

When considering its unfunded liabilities, huge debt levels and horrific annual deficits, our neighbours to the south are bankrupt, a fact which will become increasingly evident as interest rates inevitably increase in the near future. Additionally, the major jurisdictions around the world (Japan, China, etc.) have all been expanding/inflating their money supply which will inevitably lead to runaway inflation and thence economic collapse.

In spite of the above, the fact is that Canada’s economic performance on a relative basis has been exemplary. Forbes Canada has named Canada the top G12 country to do business with during 2014.

According to the OECD Canada leads all G7 countries in terms of job growth. In part due to our tax-free savings accounts and their recent contribution increase, the latest data indicates Canada has led all G7 countries in real GDP growth since 2009.

However, as the world economy implodes, Canada will be sucked into the maelstrom on a relative basis as demand for our goods, services, and resources declines on a world-wide basis.

On another front, we have been either lured or coerced into joining our southerly neighbour into a series of morally, ethically, economically and politically corrupt actions around the world.  During the era of former prime minister Lester Pearson, Canada was a peacekeeper, and in its neutrality, was able to mediate, negotiate or broker peace between conflicting jurisdictions around the world – but no longer.

So the question has become, for whom do we vote? History has demonstrated that NDP governance has led to economic stagnation at best, and disaster more consistently.

The Green Party is well-meaning, but seemingly economically naive.

The Liberals seem more ethical internationally, but excessively taxing those who create wealth and consequently jobs, and redistributing this wealth is detrimental, amounting to consuming our capital.

While the Conservatives have performed relatively well, economically, their foreign policies are both embarrassing and damaging, positioning Canada as a prime terrorist target as a result of its military and political interventions around the world.

It seems incumbent that we vote, in spite of an inclination to climb back into the closet and bury our heads in the sand. Alternatively, should we protest by refusing to vote? The choice is a dilemma?

C. Wills


Vernon Morning Star