Farmer should not be punished for protecting his farm animals

Have we now been reduced to policing via social media?

Have we now been reduced to policing via social media? I know that social media influences politics and even access to health care but I naively thought justice was still blind and immune to the vagaries of popularity on social media.

This farmer had every right to protect his livestock, as referenced in your article “Dog shooting under probe” yet the article states that Mr. Pronk was arrested, his firearm seized and that the SPCA “will be looking at recommending charges”.

As well, a successful campaign raised money for the people who were clearly breaking laws designed to protect farmers and the public from dogs running at large.

By their own statements the owner knew the dogs were at large and if indeed they were searching for them “a few streets over” what happened during the intervening two and a half hours before they were notified by the vet?

If Mr. Pronk is charged, and I hope this is not the case, what is to prevent other dog owners from allowing their animals to run free?

After all, they are being treated like helpless victims, while the farmer is treated like a criminal.

What happens to our food supply when farmers give up on protecting their right to farm (a right entrenched in law) because of irresponsible dog owners?


Persephone Vog


Cowichan Valley Citizen