Events are just like the Titanic

Dear Sir:

Events are just like the Titanic

Dear Sir:

Both the federal and provincial pundits keep talking about an election and hope for better times.

The only thing an election will accomplish is to rearrange the deck chairs on the economic Titanic.

People keep voting for change and keep getting the same bovine scatology politics always produces, no matter who gets in.

Who is going to restore our industrial base? Not Maurice Strong! Food banks have less supply and greater demand. Yet our media keep giving us fairy stories that we are in recovery. And they keep preaching globalism.

We are told to save our money and spent like crazy. We have runaway inflation when a home worth $50,000 sells for millionaire prices, and people think this is normal.

But then a good vehicle is worth $50,000, which people also think is normal.

Premier Campbell will get $100,000/year pension when he leaves office, plus whatever income he makes in a “feather-your-nest” job. What’s your pension worth? The more time they serve in parliament the more money they get when they leave office.

How will the boomers, who start retiring this year, do in the decade to come?

Back in the 1960’s we called this kind of nonsense the ‘season of the witch”. Our industrial base has moved to the “knock-off” economy of China. Our fixed incomes go to immigrants – both legal and illegal – until they find jobs in Canada’s shrinking economy.

This letter is dedicated to the memory of Ron Emmons who died January 15. He helped me write it.

Brian Gregg,

Terrace, B.C.

Terrace Standard