Evacuees grateful


My wife and I are evacuees from 100 Mile House and we’re happy to be headed home.

Now having a little extra time on my hands, I have been reading letters to the editor and given my circumstances I’ve been a bit reflective.

Discussions on how to make our community better are needed and useful, but sometimes I think we forget how special and spectacular this province and its people are. Before we go, a huge thank you to your wonderful and thoughtful community. Everyone we have visited with, the businesses we dealt with, have been right there, supportive sympathetic and very helpful.

Value Village was amazing. Who knew we would be away for two weeks?

Healthy Spot and Pet Land, never before have we travelled with two cats and the dog. They made it a little more tolerable for the people and especially the critters.

The Bay. The Bay, yes I’m surprised.

And my favourite, Bob at Strictly Golf handed me a full set of new clubs free for the week.

Who does that? I’ll tell you who, the fine folks in Vernon. Thank you so very much

James Lace

100 Mile House

Vernon Morning Star